nero not recognising cd-rw

  cuzmb 23:06 02 Jan 03
  cuzmb 23:06 02 Jan 03

i have cd-rw bundled with nero.nero does not recognise cdrw after being reinstalled,i downloaded update and i can use nero express but in the main program cd-rw is not still not recognised with an error message stating will only work with bundled cdrw?.(p.s. cdrwis msi8938)

  Why Am I Here? 23:22 02 Jan 03

Take it back to the retailer and explain. If it was a retail pack then the version of Nero will be tied to

  Why Am I Here? 00:31 03 Jan 03

Sorry the post was early!!!

The version of Nero when supplied in a bundle is tied to the CD-RW. Either the wrong CD was supplied or is faulty. Go back to the retailer and explain - they should supply you with the correct bundle. Take it you bought it on the high street and not at a computer fair!!!

  Stuartli 00:56 03 Jan 03

Downloading the latest version of Nero - - may resolve your problem.

I presume you have Nero installed so the website should recognise this and enable you to download the latest verrsion.

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