Nero iffyness

  Josquius 19:16 12 Apr 03

What does this error mean-

The hardware accelerated decoding function provided by your display card is unavailable for selection because you switched to an unsupported display mode, .

Please exit PowerDVD, select a display mode with lower resolution and a smaller palette, and start PowerDVD again. If this message appears again, please update your display driver with the latest version.

I am on 800*600 and 16 bit colour, nothing special. I did try and put it onto lower settings and as expected that did nothing.

  powerless 19:21 12 Apr 03


Start > Run > Copy and Paste:


Click "ok"

Then click on the "Display" tab at the top...

Under "DirectX Feature" make sure everything is enabled.

If it does not work post back.

  powerless 19:24 12 Apr 03

Oh try putting it to 1024*768.

  Josquius 19:31 12 Apr 03

1024*768 does nothing different.

All of the features on directX are turned on, I used the tests too and they worked out OK.

  Josquius 11:04 13 Apr 03


  powerless 11:08 13 Apr 03

What graphics card are you using?

What driver version are you using?

Have you tried to update the drivers?

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