Nero dvd burn compilation

  WallyD 15:33 24 Jan 05

I dont have a dvd burner so very little knowledge but my friend who has Xp and running Nero 6.1 is copying dvd's with no bother BUT when using the compilation method and dragging the required progs across ther is no burn facility. I sorry I cant give more detail but why the Burn will not highlight and operate beats us both. Onr suspescts finger trouble. Any advise would be appreciated.Cheers

  wednesday 13 17:01 24 Jan 05

you need to save the stuff to be burnt and prefferably use real player v 10 [ click here ]and select the files from where you saved them. hope it works.

  ACOLYTE 17:07 24 Jan 05

What has real player got to do with nero burning?, as for the rest im not sure i understand the question,do you mean when you drag and drop items to burn it wont or you cant get the burn icon lit?.

  JonnyTub 17:12 24 Jan 05

possibly trying to burn over the limit of the disk ?

  AL D. 17:28 24 Jan 05

make sure that you have selected DVD and not CD from the drop down option. from NERO START SMART

  WallyD 18:43 24 Jan 05

Sorry I had to go out
Correct Acolyte. Drag in the required files well below the maximum and no burn icon active.
DVD was selected when commencing project.
Still scratching head

  Magik ®© 19:05 24 Jan 05

use DVD Shrink to copy the files over, then Nero will burn them..

  ACOLYTE 19:07 24 Jan 05

When you have done dragging the files over click in the box you draged them to the icon should then be on the bar at the top.

  WallyD 19:20 24 Jan 05

Ok Acolyte
Thats the point where there's no change in the burn Icon box. AS Its on my mates machine I will double check this tomorrow and let you know
Many thanks

  ACOLYTE 19:23 24 Jan 05

I dont think the icon highlights till you click the other box.

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