nero cd printing problem

  Sheila-Jo 00:09 10 Jan 05


i've designed a cd-face print using nero cover designer to be printed on a canon i865, however after configuring the relevant print settings (printable cd, cd tray etc), when it goes to the bj preview prior to printing, my cd design is at the top of the page, out of sync with the outlined 'to be printed' region.

can anybody help please?

thanks in advance,


  Sheila-Jo 18:55 11 Jan 05


  ICF 19:48 11 Jan 05

What type of labels are you using?
Nero has a selection of labels types from different manufactures.There is a drop down menu on the right hand side it will say at the moment normal paper.

  User-312386 20:00 11 Jan 05

I assume you are using Nero cover designer?

Right click on the image, select Align. Now Click "Centre" on both the horizontal and vertical Alignments and this will put it dead centre

  Sheila-Jo 23:21 19 Jan 05

Hi and thanks for your replies. Apologies for not replying sooner, I’ve been having a very hectic week.

ICF, I followed your advice and changed the drop down menu from 'Normal Paper' to 'CD Printer' and now when I click on 'File'/'Print Preview' I get the correct printable disc preview. However when I click on 'File'/'Print'/'OK' I receive a secondary print preview page called 'BJ Preview' which then shows another printable disc preview but with the printable region outline well off target from my CD design.

To the left of this page it gives the following Print Page Information:

'Printer Paper Size:
(120.0 x 120.0 mm)

Media Type:
Printable disc (recommended)

Printing Type:
Normal-size Printing.'

The only possible cause I can think of for this misalignment is the image I have used for my CD design is 1232x1840 pixels although only a CD-shaped proportion of this picture will be used for printing.

Any more ideas?

  Sheila-Jo 23:29 19 Jan 05

Thanks madboy33©® for your response. I tried the alignment feature but all this did was align the CD to the centre of the image.

Any other ideas?

  ICF 08:46 21 Jan 05

What type of labels are you using?

  Sheila-Jo 21:08 21 Jan 05

I'm not using labels I'm printing directly on to the CD using printable CD's.


  ICF 23:12 21 Jan 05

Does the printer not come with software to do that task?

  ICF 23:17 21 Jan 05

Have you searched on the Ahead (nero) website to see if anyone else has this problem?

  wallbash 23:49 21 Jan 05

I also have a canon i865 ( great printer) after producing my design in surething or nero I then copy to the canon prog that came with the printer i.e.
Easy print Tool Box , Perfect prints.

Also must use the canon prog. when using the 5x4 print cartridge for boardless prints.

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