nero cd dvd burner

  danolito 15:31 05 Apr 04

i want to buy nero cd dvd burner they have them on amazon for £6.90 for the 6 version and &17 for 5.5 version sureley this can;t be right or is that just for the box? im a novice can any one help.thanks,danolito

  TommyRed 15:52 05 Apr 04

As I pointed out to you the other day you can get the cut down version quite cheap. My understanding is that the original version comes in four suites covering everything, which it probably explains on the Nero site. The one I've got is suite 1 which burns CD's but I don't think it does DVD's; it has the CD cover designer; Nero Express; burns photo's, video and various audio. It was £4.98 plus delivery and does everything I want. HTH TR

  TommyRed 15:53 05 Apr 04

Make sure you get a product key with it. TR

  struggle8 16:24 05 Apr 04

hey danolito I have nero 5.5 lying about gathering dust you can have it and the product key for the price of postage email me might have the update on disc to must go and have a look

expect to pay around £50 to £60 for the full Nero 6

  Smiler 17:53 05 Apr 04

click here

this subject is coming up on a daily basis now.

  danolito 18:49 06 Apr 04

is it true, if you download smiley central you get alot of spyware with it. danolito

  danolito 17:09 07 Apr 04

is it worth downloading kazaa or winmx with all
the spyware that go's with it can any one help
thanks d l

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