BODS 10:14 20 Aug 05

can anyone help my pc win xp(+2)amd 3500+ when trying to do data back-up, using nero v6 shows message burn not completed as unable to find cd writer only shows image recorder. Up to recently have had no bother doing backups.


  Catastrophe 10:26 20 Aug 05

I had very similar occurrence yesterday. Turned out I had jumper set incorrectly. This happens sometimes as I swop hardware around and sometimes forget to check other jumper setting.

  mole44 11:14 20 Aug 05

try updating your nero software.

  ACOLYTE 12:02 20 Aug 05

Try selecting the burner from the list before you start the burn.

  Catastrophe 05:05 21 Aug 05


In my case Image Recorder was the only option.

I guess this can happen when anything is wrong with the connection - jumpers, cables, mobo connection etc..

  wobblymike 08:26 21 Aug 05

Have you changed this drive or loaded a new version of Nero recently? I ask because given you have got all connections and jumpers right, you may have an OEM unit which will only work with its original bundled software. The quick and dirty way to find out is to open up Nero - in the initial splash screen it will give you the version number if it has in brackets next to it a manufacturer i.e (yamaha) or (sony) this tells you that you need to upgrade to a full version of Nero as suggessted by mole44 above

  Catastrophe 07:57 22 Aug 05


Not OEM.

As stated MY problem was that I had taken a unit from a PC where it was master and put into another PC which already had a master without changing jumper.


Have you solved the problem yet? I was trying to help - not hijack your thread.


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