NERO burning fiasco !

  Baslla321 17:31 23 Aug 03

I bought Nero Burning 5.5 and tried to burn a few JPG files on a CD but each time I fail. One reason was "timeout error' and a couple of times the computer freezes half way thru the operation.. "Could not perform endsession" was one instance. I was burning at 24X, so then I tried at 16X, but still no joy. Maybe it does not recognize JPG files? Any help welcome! Thanks.

  powerless 17:35 23 Aug 03

Run disk defragmenter.

  hugh-265156 20:09 23 Aug 03

make sure there is no background programs running.disable any AV software, enable buffer underrun protection in nero. try it at x4 speed and/or try a different brand cdr.

  Stuartli 20:13 23 Aug 03

Have you studied the Nero Help files on how to perform the particular operation you require?

The Help files are very comprehensive and explain in considerable detail what actions to take before, during and after a burning session.

  The Sack 20:14 23 Aug 03

You was trying to burn it as a bog standard data cd wasnt you? Use the nero wizard (or nero express)

  jaygice 20:33 23 Aug 03

is it a film you are trying to burn more info

  Baslla321 12:14 24 Aug 03

Thanks for yr help. I am re reading the Manual. I have some pictures which are too big to keep on my HD. These, I believe come under 'data'.

  Baslla321 16:50 24 Aug 03

How do I "enable buffer underrun protection in Nero"? Will try it at 4X on a different disc. I have already defragd .

  krypt1c 16:58 24 Aug 03

Baslla321 - If you open help in nero and go to faq there info about buffer underrun. Essentially it says what most of the other posters say. Defrag, no other tasks runnnig while burning & always run the speed test and simulation to get the optimum write speed, otherwise the maximum write speed of the recorder is kept as default. Soiunds like maybe you should consider replacing your drive with a 'burn proof' one.

  hugh-265156 23:50 24 Aug 03

to enable the buffer underrun protection in nero just tick the box for burn,you should have this beside write speed and number of copies etc.

  Baslla321 09:32 25 Aug 03

Tks ! Wot do u mean" replacing my drive with a burn proof one pse? how?

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