Nero 9 essentials

  hiwatt 19 Jan 13

Hi folks.My PC came with Nero essentials 9.Upon installing it there are only 2 burning options and they are "Data burning" and "Copy disc" yet in the help/tutorial section it says there should be a "Audio burning" screen for burning a cd.I know this is a "bare bones" version but I would have thought it could have burned a regular cd? Is this the way it should be? I actually installed Ashampoo from cnet but it installed the imminent toolbar among other "crap" without my permission so I had to uninstall it.Thanks.

  mgmcc 19 Jan 13

If you select "Data burning" is there not then an option to burn music as a conventional music CD?

Personally, I dislike Nero software and always use CDBurnerXP which, despite its name, supports CD and DVD and isn't only for XP! It is a free program and doesn't install any junk software in the PC.

  hiwatt 19 Jan 13

Hi mgmcc No there isn't at all.There's not even a disc at once option.When you select the tracks to be burned there's only a burn option in the data burning section.Strange? I was hoping to install ashampoo but it installed a lot of crap(including active x controls) and changed my home page etc.The stuff it installed wasn't even the box that I unticked. I've tried cd burner xp but I did prefer Ashampoo.I'll probably go with cd burner xp though unless I can find a "clean" install of ashampoo?Thanks.

  SillBill 19 Jan 13

You can download Ashampoo Burning Studio 6 (FREEWARE) from here >

Do NOT install using Express Install this will install all the crap that you don't need or want. Use Custom Install and uncheck all the crap.

  SillBill 19 Jan 13

Another broken link, copy & paste from http to html

  SillBill 19 Jan 13

If you get "Page not Found" type Ashampoo Burning Studio 6.82 FREE into the search box at the top of the page.

  hiwatt 19 Jan 13

Ah!That's more like SillBill.Nice clean install of ashampoo.You wouldn't believe the trouble installing the one from Cnet caused me.It took me ages to eventually get rid of the imminent toolbar/program and it wasn't even shown as part of the download using custom installation.Anyway all sorted now.Thank you folks.


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