nero 7 vision DVD slide show

  Boy Zone 16:16 23 Jul 08

Hi I'm using Nero 7 and trying to make a DVD photo slide show.
I create the slide show and it plays great on the PC, sound and photos all ok.When I play it on my stand alone DVD player the photos are OK but the sound seems to produce breaks in the sound and I did think it was the DVD but tried another.

Any advise out there would be welcome. My slide show has 100 photos.

  Boy Zone 08:38 27 Jul 08

sorry to bumb this one again.
But I have spent hours and numerous DVD trying to resolve this, and in a way have half resolved it, but...
I want to creat a photo DVD slide show without transitions and when I do this the sound breaks up, but if i put in transistion it seems to work, but I don't want the transition!!!!
I have looked at Nero help forums but no help here.

  Ben capewell 21:57 31 Aug 08

I dont think nero creates a good out put really,
i advise you try this link to some software, and works good.
click here

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