Nero 6 not recognising disc and writer

  griffon56 16:46 04 Apr 08

Hi all,

HP Pavilion a310UK running WinXP fitted with an LG HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GSA4040B DVD-CD R/RW as Master and a Liteon LTR 401255 CD R/RW as Slave, both recognised in the BIOS on the secondary IDE channel.

Using an OEM copy of Nero 6 with InCD 4 to write a data CD-R, neither the Liteon or the CD-R is recognised.

An error box demands a DVD and the Liteon is not offered as a choice in the burn dialogue box, only the LG. However, the LG rejects the CD-R tho' it is supposed to write CD's as well as DVD's.

Anybody any idea what might be wrong?

  Ditch999 16:51 04 Apr 08

InCD is not the best packet writing software and can cause lots of problems. XP has its own writer built in and you should try that. Its done through Explorer.

  jimv7 17:08 04 Apr 08

Try updating nero 6 click here

  griffon56 17:19 04 Apr 08

Thanks both. I'll try the Nero update first. I don't know whether it's just paranoia but I've developed a habit of mind which rejects Microsoft stuff in favour of just about anything else. Crazy I know but..... I think it's the clingy and self-centred nature of MS SW and the years I've been reading warnings about bugs and security holes. It gave me a jolt when, a few years ago, I discovered that the Alexa SW which Spybot kept discovering was actually the MS phone home system. Ever since then I've been distrustful. Sorry to rattle on. Cheerio.

  griffon56 15:22 07 Apr 08

The Nero update worked and solved the problem. Thanks for that. Cheerio. Rog

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