nero 6 to nero 7 essentials

  geedad 21:11 03 Oct 06

I am considering installing NERO 7 ESSENTIALS. I have NERO 6 installed. Do I UNinstall NERO 6 first?
The reason I query it is that NERO 6 may contain some elements that NERO 7 .. does not have.

  Koochy 00:17 04 Oct 06

DON'T DO IT. I upgraded to nero seven and had nothing but problems i.e. messages saying "Nero has encountered a problem and needs to close" but it doesn't tell you what the problem is. I have found a lot of people on this forum have gone back to Nero 6 after making the mistake of installing Nero 7.


  geedad 05:52 04 Oct 06

Thanks, but NERO 6 doesn't author, does it?

  Koochy 11:35 04 Oct 06

By authoring i presume you mean authoring your own movies if this is correct then yes it does if you have Nerovision express or Nero recode 2 but these only come with the full Nero Package. If the version that you have came as a freebie with your pc it may only be nero express. Go to nero's website click here and have a look around it may be of some help. I am using Nero 6 reloaded with all updates (wich are free to download from Nero's website) and have had no problems getting my home movies on to d.v.d. You can buy this here click here but if you look around you may be able to get an oem version cheaper.


  Stuartli 13:24 04 Oct 06

If you buy the appropriate (and low cost) version of Nero from:

click here

you can, as Koochy points out, update Nero6 right up to the final versions of both BurningROM and NeroVision Express at:

click here

  David4637 16:23 04 Oct 06

Could I ask you this as you use Nero 6 reload.I have not yet installed Update Packs 1 & 2.

When you import a DVD (VOB/MPEG) into NVE are the video and audio on separate tracks on the time line, on mine the audio was in the video track, so I could not fade it etc? Thanks David

  Koochy 17:47 04 Oct 06

Hi David mine is the same the audio and video are both on the same line. But you can download various audio rippers that will seperate the audio from the video then you can just import them seperately.
Hope this helps


  pj123 18:33 04 Oct 06

Stuartli, good price for the software but £6 carriage for 1 CD???, seems a bit excessive to me.

I bought mine from SVP but they are now "Out of Stock"

I suppose you have to go with what is available and if the postage is high, it's your decision.

  geedad 22:19 04 Oct 06

Many, many thanks to all named members for your very helpful advice. Still the best Forum!!

  Stuartli 22:31 04 Oct 06

Most people buy it with a CD or DVD rewriter.


click here

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