Nero 5.5 query

  griffo 21:22 04 Sep 04

My son is trying to write from one CD to another. The sorce CD is in the DVD drive and the target is in the CDRW drive. The following message is appearing:-
"It looks like both your source and your destination drive for the 'on the fly' copy process are connected to the same IDE bus. We would strongly recommend to connect your source and the destination drive to different IDE buses".

"Technical background: An IDE bus cannot handle interleaved read and write commands. This will reduce the data transfer rate during 'on the fly' copies and may therefore cause a 'buffer underrun' error".

Can anyone please tell me what this means and what action we should take?


  MIke 21:32 04 Sep 04

Sounds like both your drives are on the same IDE cable. You'd need to open up your PC and do a bit of re-wiring! The alternative, which I think I'd try is to untick the option to copy on the fly Nero will then copy an image of the source disc to hard drive, and make the copy from this image rather than original disc. I find this method to be more reliable as hard drives can deliver data to the cd writer more reliably

  steve0 21:52 04 Sep 04

Just ignore the message - I have my DVD drive and CD burner on same IDE channel and it works fine using Nero 5.5

  griffo 22:06 04 Sep 04

did/do you get the same error message?

Mike - thanks, may try that.

  mjojo 23:41 04 Sep 04

Have both drives on the same IDE too. Was nero 5.5, now 6. Got same message. Suffer occasional buffer underuns. Can't, as a rule, copy really full data cd's. No problem with audio.

  steve0 00:10 05 Sep 04

Griffo - I get same error messages on my machine - I ignore it and all disks have burnt OK so far. Have a Liteon CD Writer and a Benq DVD drive - both over 2 years old now, so have had plenty of use

  griffo 06:55 05 Sep 04

thanks to each. Just for the record, how do I switch one drive onto a different bus - just in case I decide to?

  Stuartli 09:05 05 Sep 04

You shouldn't have any problems with the drives being on the secondary IDE channel - it's almost certainly the most common method of connection.

Make sure that the rewriter is set (via jumper) to Master and the CD/DVD-ROM drive to Slave. Also enable DMA for both drives.

As pointed out by Mike, the image method in which whatever is being copied is first written to the hard drive is much more reliable and efficient; once the copy has been completed Nero deletes the file(s) from your HDD, unless you want two or more copies.

Just one thing about this method, especially with smaller HDDs, is to defrag a little more regularly than usual.

It could also be worth updating to the latest, updated version of Nero 6 from the Nero website.

  ICF 09:07 05 Sep 04

You have to open up your pc case and swap ide channels. ie unplug one of your CD/DVD drives from it's ide cable and plug it onto the hard drive ide cable.
I wouldn't bother as people have said above it should work ok.If you encounter problems don't copy on the fly (disc to disc)copy onto your hard drive first then onto the new CD.

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