Edward-207256 22:38 16 Oct 05

I recently purchased sdome new RiDisc 52x CD-R discs. I tried to write some music from itunes onto the disc, which was all ok. The problem arose when i tried to play the CD in my CD player. It came up showing no songs. I thought it must just be a faulty disc, so i tried it again with a second, with the same outcome. I then went into nero express and tried to burn an audio CD, with the same result. Finally i tried to burn the songs on nero express as a data disc, which also failed. Anybody know what the problem is?

  Totally-braindead 23:57 16 Oct 05

I may be wrong here, but I think if you download stuff from iTunes theres encryption built in to stop it being copied again.

  Totally-braindead 00:00 17 Oct 05

Just had a thought, have you used these disks before? Perhaps you CD writer doesn't like them, if you put the disk in your PC and look in Windows Explorer are the songs there?

  dangerusone 05:16 17 Oct 05

Did you make sure you had the correct drive selected before you burned the tracks or did you make an image disc.Mine is E:

  wobblymike 11:44 17 Oct 05

I think Totally-braindead is spot on, I think you will find that downloaded music from I Tunes (or any other legal source) comes with DRM (Dynamic Rights management) which will prevent you using it on any other vehicle except the PC you download it too and wil also prevent you copying to CD/DVD.

  Ellion 12:37 17 Oct 05

I'm not sure that I should tell you how to do this, and if I'm breaking forum rules...........sorry!
I tunes downloads are Mpeg 4 and will not play on a normal cd player as they are.
You can use the itunes software to burn to CD.
Burn to a re-writable cd, when finalised rip the tracks back to your computer as mp3. (you can use windows media player for this)
Open Nero and select the option to make “audio cd” not “Mp3 cd”, add your new mp3 to the list and burn away!

  Edward-207256 17:58 17 Oct 05

i have entered the discs in my computer again and found the songs on windows explorer. i have written to disc before, with different types, and they have worked on CD player. i will try your method ellion but it all looks comlicated compared to the way it was with the previous discs, i will keep you informed, Regards, Eddy

  lmhillyard 18:42 17 Oct 05

The answer may be with the format,this csn be changed to mp3 under Itunes there is a setting import as mp3.It will convert the selected library items to mp3 without having to reimpot them.
The other issue is the way itunes manages music files,they are all in folders with the tracks inside those folders.Most cd players will not cope with these folders,but if you compile your cd with individual tracks,drag &drop them into nero this should play in all cd players.
I had the problem myself but this worked for me.
Good luck

  Edward-207256 18:54 17 Oct 05

Thanks guys

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