User-178362 22:06 05 Aug 05


Is there any info on how to use this program?

Do I burn / copy /write, to CD.

  Diodorus Siculus 22:19 05 Aug 05

click here Acrobat guide to Nero 6.

What do you want to do with Nero?

  User-178362 22:28 05 Aug 05

I want to put my pic on CD

  User-178362 22:35 05 Aug 05

When I clicked on the Click here sign, It wouldn't open

  User-178362 22:38 05 Aug 05

It did open. Thank you

  dukeboxhero 22:39 05 Aug 05

if you want to make a cd from my music you click on audio cd then new then go to file browser / my music/ and drag tracks you want to burn to the space on left hand side .if you then move along icons at the top till you come to a disc with fire on top of it (opens write cd dialog )click on this then click on write . hope this helps

  Forum Editor 22:39 05 Aug 05

you don't need to use Nero, or any other third-party software. Windows XP has a perfectly good CD burning utility built in.

Just put a blank CD in the drive, and when the writeable CD window opens, drag your image files into it. When you've finished, click the option to burn the CD - it's at the left of the CD window.

  dukeboxhero 22:56 05 Aug 05

if you want pics then go to cd rom /new /my pics/ again drag them over /open write cd dialog / then write/ if you have any pics later you can put them on same cd

  dukeboxhero 22:59 05 Aug 05

f/es advise is much easier

  lotvic 00:04 06 Aug 05

you may find these step by step tutorials for Nero useful

click here

  Ancient Learner 13:01 06 Aug 05

I have the impression that the sea princess has been having a tough time with XP click here so she is now having a go at Nero which is apparently on her PC.

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