Neigbours Wireless Network unsecured.

  prince midas 11:22 05 Feb 09

I connect at a level of 5 connected to my secured wireless connection.
I also get a neighbours wireless connection which is very strong at 4.

What does unsecured mean and will it interefere and stop me connecting sometime and should I ask him to fix it and how.

  rawprawn 11:25 05 Feb 09

It wil not interefere with your connection, but it would be a good idea to tell him to make his connection secure. He is at risk.

  anskyber 11:26 05 Feb 09

No its fine. I can pick up 5 different wireless conections near me. But of course you only choose your own.

The unsecured bit means that if you chose to you could use that connection and in effect share the broadband service, for fee. Do not do it though.

  anskyber 11:26 05 Feb 09

for free not fee!

  mooly 11:27 05 Feb 09

It means you could use his internet connection straight off. You could just connect to it... I have some like that here. As for interference depends what channel it's on. If it all works OK leave alone, but I would tell them about securing it. They should also change the password of the router which will probably be on a default of admin or similar.

  FreeCell 11:29 05 Feb 09

Unsecured means your neighbour has not set up any security on his/her wireless network connections. This would enable anyone to connect to this broadband and potentially any files on their computer. This is not a very wise thing to do and I hope that you have set up appropriate security on your own broadband router

It should not interfere with your own wireless set up, nor stop you connecting, other than if you have both chosen to use the same wireless channel then there may be interference. If you have connection problems then the first thing to try would be changing the channel setting of your router.

  mooly 11:30 05 Feb 09

Will just add you can choose for your router not to "broadcast" it's ID which I do. Once set up properly with a secure key, you should never even have to see the options of what to connect to, should connect to your router only, without you being notified of anything.

  prince midas 12:06 05 Feb 09

I do often have trouble connecting and it could be because of my neighbours unsecured PC and he could be on my channel.Tiscali told me to ask Siemens my router co to change my Routers channel but I cannot find a correct phone number for Siemens Gigaset 587 router technical soppurt that works.

  Fingees 13:07 05 Feb 09

Are you sure it is unsecured?

wireless can sometimes show up , but when you try to connect, they need a WEP, or WPA key,.

Just a point.

  User-1229748 13:32 05 Feb 09

i can sometimes pick up as many as about 10 wireless networks,i've also noticed that the signal strength has got so much better than what they were a couple of years ago.i would have a word with the neighbours and tell them how easy it would be for someone to get free broadband at their expense.

  Taff™ 15:41 05 Feb 09

To connect to your Routers Administration/Management open Internet Explorer and type into the address bar. You will need to look in the Wireless Configuration settings to find the broadcasting channel.

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