negear wifi router WGT624 v.3

  hermione_uk2002 18:00 24 May 06

I have just bought a new router. ALl the lights work and the light flashes on my cable modem to show connection. The network connections shows my pc is talking to the router, with all the IP addresses and subnet maks address working fine. HOwever, I cannot get on to the router set up now matter how hard I try. I have tried every address imaginable and it won't go on to it, through mozilla or IE. How can I get into routerlogin please? I need to sort the settings so I can access the internet and create my wireless network!

  mgmcc 22:56 24 May 06

I believe that Netgear routers have the IP address so connect your PC to the router by ethernet cable and check to see if the "Local Area Connection" has an IP address in the same range.

If not, and it has a "169.254" address, give it a manually configured address such as Subnet Mask and then see if you can access the router's Setup by entering into your web browser.

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