Negative slides to scanner

  Terry Brown 10:23 21 Jun 07

Hi; can anyone suggest a way to get my 35mm slides on my computer, I have tried scanning them but they come out too dark,tried using an old projector and using a digital camera to take a photo of the screen, but the saved image is poor.
Any suggestions ?

  Gongoozler 10:31 21 Jun 07

Hi Terry Brown. Presumably the scanner you are using has a slide adapter. If it hasn't, then you need a scanner with this utility. If it has, then what graphics editing software are you using? After setting the brightness and contrast to make the blacks black and the whites white, experiment with the gamma value. You shouldn't need to adjust gamma outside the range of 1.00 to 2.00. I find adjusting the gamma generally gives a more pleasing result than simply adjusting contrast.

  eedcam 12:15 21 Jun 07

Presming you dont have a slide adapter you can either buy a dedicated one or get a scanner that has one If you do have one Which one ? you should not have to make much adjustment to get a reasonable image on screen .But you do need to scan at a Very high resolution depending on what finished print size you are after

  Diemmess 12:40 21 Jun 07

As one who relaced his old Epson flatbed scanner with a new one, it was a delightful surprise to find how good it is at 35mm film scanning.

Either film strips (6) or slides four at a time
It has a source light in the lid, will scan at very high resolution and excellent software bundled with it.

The software can be left to automate the process or overridden by any heavyweight application you may have.
Film negatives can be inverted by the same software too.

It was an Epson Perfection V100 and cost well under £100 (70 something I thinkk) from PCW.

  Terry Brown 15:35 21 Jun 07

The scanner I am using is a HP psc 750, which is a multi unit (scan-copy-print-fax-email), but not slides, which is the problem.

I will have a look at the Epson Pefection V100, but space is limited on my work area, which is why I use a multi-purpose unit.

  Migwell 16:16 21 Jun 07

I use a Microtek Film Scan 35 and get good results, in fact better than I used to get from my old Epson 1250 photo scanner which had a sort of slide scanning setup with it. I think the Film Scan was dropped by Microtek but was also available with other names on it. I seem to remember that Jessop’s did the same thing and it came out cheaper. I have also seen a lot of these on eBay for quite a reasonable price. However having just checked for you. I found out of those that are their, this is about the best for quality and price click here. at this time costing £50.

Good luck with your venture as I have just completed a scan of all our holiday slides since 1977, some 2750, a lot of which came out very well, and some that need more tweaking than is practical. So it will work if you invest a little money and a lot of time.

  Migwell 16:22 21 Jun 07

The Microtek has just come on. if you go onto eBay and put in 35 mm slide scanners you will find it. it is in for £60 starting bit and has 5 days to go. I made a mistake with the connoscan 35 mm scanner it was £21.00 when I just looked again. it is on for a further days.
Good luck

  Migwell 16:23 21 Jun 07

5 days. oops

  Fingees 20:08 21 Jun 07

Before I had a scanner, I projected mine onto white paper, and used a cine camera to view, and load onto my computer.

Just a thought.

  Terry Brown 20:47 24 Jun 07


Thanks for the Idea.
Using an old Ice cream box, I put a 15w bulb in it,(left holes at the back for ventilation),taped a sheet of white paper on the open side, and laid it on it's side (paper to the front.Set up my webcam , approx 12" away, and on a piece of 1/2" thick wood (to line it up)set it up as continuous and just kept putting slides in front of the paper. The background light gave a nice clear image. I have done about 100 so far as a film and I am pleased with the result, all I need to do now is to edit them (Serif Photoplus 7), remove any odd marks (which is where time comes in)and save.

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