Needing Ext hard drive - advice pls?

  AroundAgain 01 Sep 11

Hi I have been looking around for External hard drive but there is so much variation, it is making it hard for me to know what to buy that will be reliable.

I only need this for backup/storage, not wanting to pay for exensive or fancy drives.

Would someone please make some suggestions as to where to buy from, what makes are less expensive but reliable. Capacity would be anything from 500Gb, maybe 1Tb.


  gengiscant 01 Sep 11

Something like this to carry the harddrive: Caddy but of course there are many others to choose from. Then just add a hard-drive 500GB or 1TB again shop around.

  RussB78 01 Sep 11

I got a Seamans 1TB External Hard Drive with Acronis True Image Backup Software (Free Gift) for £49-99 about three weeks ago, may well be worth a look to see if their still available.

  RussB78 01 Sep 11

Really Sorry, From Argos

  rawprawn 01 Sep 11

Buffalow Ministation

Extremely pleased with the one I bought about 2 months ago. Small and efficient. My advice is to format it before use to clear it out (It takes a long time on a drive this size)

  AroundAgain 01 Sep 11

Thanks very much for all your suggestions. It's certainly given me a good basis to work from.

Thanks again Cheers


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