in need of some help if possible

  marneygirl 11:28 21 Dec 06

i have some kind of virus on my computer,when i go on a internet page it will pause for a second then bring up a pop up,not like them boxes you get,its a whole page of whatever the pop is,ive tried about 7 different virus removers but nothing is stopping this.

what can i do :(

  Sethhaniel 11:33 21 Dec 06

Pop up Blocker ticked - go to Tools - Pop-up Blocker - turn on ;)

  Tycho 11:34 21 Dec 06

Which removers have you tried?

A squared is a very thorough one. click here


  GEEKSTA 11:35 21 Dec 06

how do you know it is a virus?
It could be spyware?? Have you got some sort of spyware scanner?

  marneygirl 11:48 21 Dec 06

pop up blocker is turned on :)
ive used so far :

ad aware
pc rescue
spyware blaster
spyware terminater
windows defender

and probably loads more that i cant remember

can i take out my important stuff like pictures and then just wipe everything,then start a fresh as if its new,i only got computer 6 months ago so its fairly new.
oh yeah and i think i got this through smiley central as my son stupidly went on it.

  GEEKSTA 12:03 21 Dec 06

so when the whole page of the pop up comes up , how do you go about it?
Can you close it easily?
Can you access the internet from that pc?

  marneygirl 12:08 21 Dec 06

when this comes up,i right click it at the bottom and close,sometimes i can do this easily and sometimes it comes up and i have to keep pressing the X up the top.

  GEEKSTA 12:11 21 Dec 06

is it the same pop up? same advert?

  Technotiger 12:15 21 Dec 06

Hi, have a look in Start>ControlPanel>Add&Remove
to see if Smiley Central is listed, if so, then you could Remove it.


  Technotiger 12:17 21 Dec 06

- or - have a look at your list of Programs in Start>All Programs - if Smiley Central is listed it might have a uninstall option there.

  thms 12:18 21 Dec 06

Have you tried system restore to get to a point before this happened.

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