Need some help!

  andyn6990 14:40 26 Nov 08

Hi , need some help real bad basically my monitor says no signal and my power button doesnt light up when i turn it on! I know theres nothing wrong with my monitor or the leads because i tried them on another computer and it worked fine! When i turn the pc on it boots up with the fan noise and the drives light up and stuff but apart from that nothing else is happening! Any idea what could be wrong??

  MAT ALAN 14:44 26 Nov 08

Has the atributes of a failing PSU (power server unit)....

  audeal 14:45 26 Nov 08

Faulty Graphics Card. You may need to replace it.

  FreeCell 14:49 26 Nov 08

Sounds like video failure.
Check all connectors/cables between monitor and PC

Do you have a separate video card or is it built into motherboard? If you have access to alternative video card try swapping it and see if video now works.

Have you been working inside PC? Check power switch cable to motherboard has not come loose.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:54 26 Nov 08

Remove and refit the graphics card and retry.

  andyn6990 15:41 26 Nov 08

yeah have been working inside ,the graphics card is built into the motherboard! Could i still slot another graphics card in?

  FreeCell 16:30 26 Nov 08

Check internal connectors are all good as you might have just pulled out something unintentionally.

Generally can install separate graphics card, but you don't give details of the motherboard.

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