need some advice on a career move!

  spoony1980 05 Jan 09

hey guys,

ok so this is my first post and was just trying to sound out some advice and here im hoping is the place...

I currently am a full time electrician but am considering doing some night schooling etc as would mind advancing into computer repair , diagnostics etc and was wondering if anyone knew of any courses available or which are the right ones to get started of on?? i know that this is a pretty vague question but i cant really find that much information on it and keen to get started, as everything seems to be aimed at people coming out of university with computing degrees... and altho i know my way around a computer and am pretty good at diagnosing problems i fear that i would need to start from the beginning so basically any advice from someone that has been there or who can reccomend a course would be greatly appreciated

thanks again

  wee eddie 06 Jan 09

Be very wary of Distance Learning Courses. We have a whole raft of people that have signed up for this, and that, only to find that the material was outdated and the cost prohibitive.

Your local Tech (College of Further Education) or whatever our Government currently calls them, should be your first point of contact.

  Forum Editor 06 Jan 09

offering to work in your local computer shop free of charge for a few hours a week, in return for some hands-on experience and tuition?

Often these shops are desperate for some help, and the people who run them are usually pretty friendly and knowledgeable.

I share wee eddie's caution with regard to some distance learning courses - there are some good ones, but others aren't always what they seem to be at the outset. Be careful before parting with any cash.

  spoony1980 07 Jan 09

ahhh ok i basically had come to that conclusion about those distant learning courses as well as i just find it hard to believe that they would be as good as they say they are and esp at how expensive they are... my question tho really is.. what sort of course should i be looking at doing ...

  brundle 08 Jan 09

CompTIA A+, Network+ to start with - click here
click here

Very basic but good to have under your belt.


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