Need to re-boot but dont want to lose MS Office.

  t.butcher91 20:25 11 Feb 09

Hey Guys,

I have to reboot my laptop due to a problem that i have encountered but i recently bought and downloaded MS Office Ultimate (alot of money) and do not want to pay for it again. Is there any way i can save Office without having to reinstall it? I still have the file on my desktop and i have an external hard drive if it helps any.

Thanks for your advise in advance.


  Technotiger 20:27 11 Feb 09

You will not lose any program(s) through a re-boot.

  t.butcher91 20:30 11 Feb 09

Sorry i ment to type Re-install windows not reboot.

  PSF 20:32 11 Feb 09

Do you mean re-load/re-install windows?
If you downloaded Office just copy the downloaded files to your external drive and when you have re-installed windows re-install office again.

  t.butcher91 20:36 11 Feb 09

Yeah, Re-install windows. If i re-install office again would i not have to get a new product key or would i use the origional one?

  PSF 20:38 11 Feb 09

You can use the same one as it is registered to you.

  know_nowt 20:39 11 Feb 09

yeah, butch use the original key, its linked to that specific office.. :)

  t.butcher91 20:40 11 Feb 09

Awesome, thanks guys, ill try that.

  t.butcher91 20:42 11 Feb 09

Oh also would i have to reinstall .netframe ware that i previously had to download or will that stay?

  PSF 20:51 11 Feb 09

Run Windows update after will sort it out.

  gazzaho 07:56 12 Feb 09

If you re-install Windows, either through using the physical Windows disk or through factory restore disks all programs and personal data files will be erased from your computer. Make sure you copy all your downloaded and paid for programs and personal letters and photos to the external hard disk, before re-installing, all Windows updates will have to be re-downloaded after the installation is finished including the service patches, depending on the version of Windows disk you have.

When I buy a program on the Internet I always create a folder on an external hard drive with the name of the program and save the program into that, I then make a shortcut to the web site in that folder and copy any email sent from the site regarding serial/activation key numbers there as well. That way if I have to re-install Windows from scratch then all the programs and information is at hand, all I have to do is work through the folders installing the programs.

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