Need phone connectivity for my PC (moved upstairs)

  ukzz4iroc 12:57 24 Dec 04

The wife has made me move my PC from the warmth of the study to the upstiars spare room. I have no phone point up ther (at least not one that works) and I was wondering what the cheapest option for me would be.

Would it be to get BT in to move or create a new one (not likely)

Or is there a wireless or similar solution I could consider?

Please help. The nearest working BT socket is miles away downstairs and I need access to web for great sites like this one :)

Thanks in advance and have a good Christmas!! :)

  rawprawn 13:04 24 Dec 04

Is it not possible to run a long extension from downstairs to your new abode ? I have an extention about 20 yards long,with no trouble. Admittedly from one bedroom to another, but you may be able to run something similar up the stairs.I hope you get sorted and enjoy your surfing. Merry christmas.

  bremner 13:11 24 Dec 04

The wireless solution would be to put a wireless router downstairs connected to the modem and then a wirelss PCI card in the computer.

click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:14 24 Dec 04

Argos do cheap extension kits cable, plug socket and clips.

Ran mine from phone socket in hall upstairs to back bedroom, no problems at all.

  VideoSentry 13:58 24 Dec 04

There is a unit that you plug into a standard socket near the BT line plug the phone line into the unit then it transmits via the mains to the receiver which you can put anywhere as long as it is on the same phase. I think it is made by Thompson , but I have not been able to find it on the Net,more than likely some good 'surfer' will.

  VideoSentry 14:15 24 Dec 04

I've found one at Maplins , but their site is down at the moment so keep the link click here& TabID=1&source=1&doy=23m12 - 86k - 22 Dec 2004

  Graham ® 14:26 24 Dec 04

Wireless modem

click here

  Irishman 14:28 24 Dec 04

The cheapest is as rawprawn has said, an extension, either permanent (clipped to the wall) or on a reel (used when needed).

Next up would be to buy a wired modem/router and run a network cable from downstairs to upstairs. This is what I have done although I have two computers. Either run the cable through the interior of the house or if you have access to an outside wall of the house take it through the wall at ground level,clip it to the outside of the wall and take it back inside through the wall of whichever room upstairs you are using. Sounds a lot of work but it's pretty straightforward.

Or go wireless with a modem/router and a pci card.

  Graham ® 14:29 24 Dec 04

Mains modem

click here

  Graham ® 14:32 24 Dec 04

I don't think Maplins links will post, due to their internal routing.

  woodchip 14:38 24 Dec 04

You can get Phone sockets that work in a normal 240 volts socket. So that you do not have to lay extra cables

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