need a new pc

  mogwai 17:36 14 Mar 04

I need to buy a PC, though I have already got a flat screen, graphics card, mouse and keyboard.
Is there anywhere that sells what i need or would it be just as cheap to get a complete new PC?

  rmriph 17:44 14 Mar 04

I tried to upgrade my pc but ran into trouble ,my advice is to get a new one because adding old to new does not work ,good luck

  pj123 17:45 14 Mar 04

Check out click here

  dazzling (work) 17:47 14 Mar 04

mouse key board and monitor should all be ok.what sort of graphics card is most you only need a tower unit you can buy pc's without a monitor and save yourself some money.darren

  Gongoozler 17:49 14 Mar 04

Building your own pc is only really worthwhile if you enjoy the experience of building your own. The industry is so competitive that the cost of parts is likely to be the same or even more than a ready built machine.

  mogwai 17:55 14 Mar 04

the card is an ATI Radeon9000 64MB RAM.

  silliw 23:12 14 Mar 04

most large retailers will sell box units only. I'm sure both evesham and mesh will sell you a box.

  byfordr 23:44 14 Mar 04

You could try overclockers they had some for all budgets without monitors.

click here

  jonnytub 23:47 14 Mar 04

hi everyone been a while since i've been here. anyway i've found that my local dealer is seriously here
you might try your own before you start buying of the web if their prices are anything like my suppliers

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