Need new motherboard, how to install cpu?

  *Silver*Hawk* 15:09 18 Jan 05

Hi all, I need to replace my current mother board including case, but im really stuck at one bit. I have never taken a processor out and reinstalled it before, I have only ever taken it out the box and put it in. My current motherboard is msi kt4v and an amd athlon xp 2800 processor, the heatsink and processor uses the thermal pad that it was supplied, that kinda plasticine material. Anyway, so do I take the heatsink and processor out, and clean the excess pad off, somehow, what do you suggest to clean it with? Heatsink and processor. Then should I use thermal grease or thermal paste? or do they simply supply thermal pads in shops? Finally, if I was to buy the grease, or paste, how do I apply it? I am afraid I will do it wrong and ruin my equipment. Thanks for any help and hope you can read and understand all this.

  howard60 19:41 18 Jan 05

it is reasonably straightforward - normally you remove the power clip from the fan and unclip the heat sink/fan from the top of the cpu. Often this comes off cleanly and you can peel the old paste from the fan and cpu make sure you are earthed to remove all static. I normally leave my mains lead in with the socket switched off giving an earth to the case. You then unclip the lever from the side and lift it up. stick a bit of tape on the side next to the lever so that you keep it the correct way round. Lift off the cpu. place it the same way round on the new mobo with the lever up and it should gently drop onto the socket. Lower the lever and lock it in place. Evenly coat the top of the cpu with about 2 mm of paste. then put the heat sink/fan onto the cpu and attach the clips. connect the fan cable to the power supply.

  Technotiger 19:45 18 Jan 05

Hi, have a look here -click here


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