Need new keyboard - help

  pavvi 21:16 25 Feb 06

I managed to kill part of my dell inspiron 6000 keyboard. I have had the laptop looked at and the guys that looked at it are fairly convinced that it is just the keyboard. Some of the buttons don't work at all and some of the buttons work just a little to well if you know what I mean. I have been trying to source a keyboard and praying that it won't cost too much. I have found some around for the inspiron 2500 but don't know whether these will fit my 6000? Any suggestions (the people that looked at it suspect something was spilt on the keyboard, it was working fine until I picked the laptop up with wet hands from doing the washing up!!!

  Jackcoms 21:22 25 Feb 06

Suggest that you buy a pair of rubber gloves.

Wear them when doing the washing up and remove before touching laptop next time.

  Joe R 21:30 25 Feb 06


won't any usb keyboard do the job.?

  Joe R 21:31 25 Feb 06

That should read " portable usb keyboard"

  pavvi 21:38 25 Feb 06

Yes I learnt that lesson pretty hard, but hey, too late now...., I have considered a portable usb keyboard which I will use if costs are prohibitive....

  cyberphobic 21:45 25 Feb 06

one here for sale on ebay

click here

  Joe R 21:49 25 Feb 06


this should do the job. click here

  pavvi 10:22 26 Feb 06

Cheers for that at the moment it looks like I'll be contrradicting my normal hatred of ebay....I have had a look at his feedback and there is a lot of good feedback on there for sales..... I'd sooner pay 69 inc vat than 89+vat!!!!

  pavvi 18:01 27 Feb 06

I've ordered one via for 75 including vat, they use worldpay who are part of Royal bank of scotland, so paid a similar price to fleabay...thanks for your help will now tick the resolved bit....

  pavvi 18:02 27 Feb 06


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