need a new graphics card

  faulties 28 Sep 12

and have no idea what will fit.

The grandson is into gaming and bought a new pc 3 years ago but, obviously, it's not good with todays games.

The current card is a NVIDIA GeForce 9200 with 256mb memory.

The game he has recommends an ATI 4800 512mb or NVIDIA 9800 512mb

Another game recommends an ATI Radeon X1800 256mb VRAM with pixel shader 3.0

I haven't had time to go look at the pc yet but I'm sure it's an Acer in a small form factor box about 16" long x 4" wide x 12" high.

Has anyone any idea which of these may fit into his machine?

Thanks, all help gratefully accepted.

  KRONOS the First 29 Sep 12

Has anyone any idea which of these may fit into his machine?

No idea, but if you were to post the make and model of the PC there is a fair chance you will get suggestions. What graphic card can be run will also depend on the power supply (PSU) so we really need to know what PC you are talking about.

  faulties 01 Oct 12

Ok, so the computer is an Acer Aspire x1300 but the grandson didn't tell me what power supply it has.


  northumbria61 01 Oct 12

If this is the one enter link description here the specification shows the PSU as 220w which would probably struggle with an upgrade. Chronus would be better at advising on this matter so you should wait for him to respond.

  KRONOS the First 02 Oct 12

Very little you can do in regards to upgrading your graphics card unless you upgrade your power supply first. As northumbria61 has pointed out your PC only has a 220W PSU which is the bare minimum. So you will need to upgrade the power supply first then look for a low profile graphics card. low profile just means the card is half the height of most PC graphic cards.

  northumbria61 02 Oct 12

There is a good site here for low profile graphics cards enter link description here - read up on the information (3rd line down) for Acer.

There is one which works with a 220W PSU but I can't advise on how good it is for your needs - enter link description here

I would suggest contacting this firm for advice prior to any purchase just to be on the safe side.

  faulties 03 Oct 12

Thanks northumbria61 & Chronus, I've emailed PC Upgrade and am waiting for a reply from them.

  faulties 14 Nov 12

Hi again. Still looking for a card :(

The link that northumbria61 gave is to the correct pc.

PC Upgrade got back to me and said I couldn't upgrade the PSU so was limited to just one card from them. This is the one

I've found another one :-

but aren't sure if it will fit. Can anyone tell if it will please?


  northumbria61 14 Nov 12

Your 2nd link from Pixmania - it wouldn't fit. It is not a low profile card (or half height) as previously explained.

  faulties 15 Nov 12


Will have to go with the PC Upgrade one then, hoped to get one a bit cheaper as it's not my computer.

Will close this post now.

Regards all


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