In need of a MOBO in Graphical display

  Ex plorer 22:15 22 Jan 07

Hi as a few people know who have helped me in the past I delve into old PCs and I may be well out of my depth this time but…. .
The problem is with an old 486 SX the Post Card shows 42 and I get two different tones from the post on boot up, I have found this page which relates to the tones problem with logic board or SCSI. Bus) click here

What and where is the RAID adapter. Any one know of a good graphical 486 board which points to such other components.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:23 22 Jan 07

Does this PC have a scsi hard drive connected to a PCI board?

  ed-0 22:34 22 Jan 07

here a link to a pdf, for an asus 486 with an onboard PCI SCSI controller. click here

  ed-0 22:38 22 Jan 07

Don't get blown away with this model of mobo. You can wind it up from it's stock 25Mhz to an exhilarating 33Mhz.

Need for speed11. lol

  Ex plorer 22:51 22 Jan 07

IDE hard drive

  Ex plorer 23:02 22 Jan 07

ed-o looking at that photo am I right in thinking i will need a card to pop into PCI or ISA slot for this Hard drive to conect to.

  ed-0 23:04 22 Jan 07

If the motherboard does not have a built in SCSI interface, then yes.

  ed-0 23:07 22 Jan 07

Do you know the make and model of the motherboard?

  Ex plorer 23:36 22 Jan 07

It’s a Compaq board and there are no SCSI markings on it.
I may be misleading you with the thread I posted, but it posts with the two different tones and I found the following in my postcode book
(Problem with logic board or SCSI Bus.)
As it’s not got SCSI controllers it must be IDE.
I can look what model it is tomorrow and get back to you tomorrow night it will give me time to look it up on the net and post the thread.
Thanks for your help

  Ex plorer 23:49 22 Jan 07

The board is a GA486AM/S Not sure why I thought it was a Compaq.

  Ex plorer 00:11 23 Jan 07

click here=
Its the one on the left of the two.

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