Need interpretation of startup advice

  J5 11:18 25 Feb 08

In a recent list of fixes available online from PC Advisor, the following advice appeared as a way of rapidly starting and shutting down XP: press Windows,U,U to shut down; Windows,U,R to restart; and windows,L,L to log off.

What does 'press Windows' mean? (What is it exactly that you are meant to press?). When you have pressed it, do you then press 'comma' and then U, then comma again, then U again. Or are they all pressed together?

Thanks in advance.

  Acx 11:24 25 Feb 08

The windows key on your keyboard

Just press the windows key and then UU (no need for commas). This will Shut It Down (quicker than using the mouse to do it... but only just).

  Sea Urchin 11:30 25 Feb 08

The Windows key is on the bottom row to the left of the space bar - between Ctrl and Alt

click here

Scroll down this page and it will tell you about using the Windows key - and much more

  J5 11:40 25 Feb 08

Many thanks Acx and Sea Urchin for your prompt and helpful responses.

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