need for info and assistance re wifi card

  rickf 29 Sep 10

HI All, I bought a generic wireless card for my son's desktop. Took me 2 days to work out that it would not work with WPA security only WEP. WEP is I think only for ethernet cable broadband. Is the PC still protected with WEP connecting wirelessly to the net. A bit annoyed as the box says it works with both WPA and WEP. I have complain to Amazon where I bought it from and informed others through the item reviews page.
SEcondly, how can I get it to connect w/o having to launch their software utility first and type in my WEP security key. I tried using MS Zero configuration so I can just connect to the web by clickimg on IE8. AS it is I have to connect first using their lauch utility then when connected launch IE8. A bit tedious.
Any suggestions welcome.

  mgmcc 30 Sep 10

>>> WEP is I think only for ethernet cable broadband.
>>> Is the PC still protected with WEP connecting wirelessly to the net

WEP is *not* for wired ethernet connections; they don't use encryption. WEP is the basic type of encryption used for wireless networks. When trying to configure the adapter to use WPA, did you have the router's wireless settings configured to use WPA-PSK with TKIP encryption? I assume you did change the router's settings from WEP to WPA.

If the Wireless Zero Configuration service has been enabled, go into the Network Connections folder, right click the Wireless Network Connection and select Properties then the Wireless Networks tab. Tick the box to "Use Windows to configure...etc". Then click the button to "View Wireless Networks". The problem is that some third-party wireless software takes back control of the wireless networking when the PC is rebooted. The only solution to that is to uninstall it.

  rickf 30 Sep 10

Good info. REassured that WEP protects my PC. Unfortunately, the card does not support WPA.


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