Need help – windows 7 will only work in safe mode

  quod12 10 Jun 11

I turned on my pc one morning and it froze will booting into windows 7. I booted into safe mode with networking and then tried rebooting normally but still had the same problem. I’ve done a full restore with a windows installation disk but that froze at the ‘installing updates’ stage. I’ve also done an image restore with Macrium Reflect but that too freezes while windows boots up. I’ve done all the suggested fixes with the windows 7 WinRE and tried restoring the MBR. The RAM is ok and tried a new hard drive but windows still freezes, changed pc battery and all USB’s are out. Has anyone got any ideas as I am now out of them? Please help.


  woodchip 10 Jun 11

If its still under Warranty, I suggest you return it. It sounds like a Bad Hard Drive

  kalignorgna 10 Jun 11

in safe mode click the windows sign to bring up the menu then in the type box type in chkdsk c: /r

if this does not work download hirens and make a bootable cd

once the cd is made use it to run a integrity check on your hard drive

  quod12 10 Jun 11

Thanks for your replies but I've tried a new hard drive and still have the same problems.

  Crosstrainer2 10 Jun 11

Try this:

1) If the PC IS under warranty, take it back.

2) If not, and your not worried about taking them apart.....

a) Disconnect the PC from the mains

b) open the case

c) remove all memory chips, clean with a light fine paintbrush

d) do the same for the graphics card

e) make sure the hard drive cable is secure (remove and replace.

f) Clean the fans in the case, and make sure they are working

Then put it all back together, boot from your installation DVD and try again.

Post back with results :))

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10 Jun 11

If its OK in save mode then it sounds like a problem with one of the drivers.

Start with the video (graphics driver) uninstall it in safe mode reboot into normal mode, if it boots then update the driver.

  Crosstrainer2 10 Jun 11

Fruit Bat /\0/\

Good advice, another old forum user found too!

I think if a clean re-installation fails then a strip down is called for after taking the steps you prescribed.


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