Need help sound not working

  tommate123 24 May 13

Recently reformatted my computer to windows vista x64 My sound has stopped working (x on audio at bottom corner) no sound is showing up in device manager either. soundcard is surpreme fx ii motherboard is asus ramage formula

any solutions? Tried looking up to see if someone has had this problem for the past few hours and tried it all and have been unsuccessful

  lotvic 24 May 13

After you had formatted harddrive and installed Vista x64 did you remember to install the Motherboard Drivers and the Driver for your Soundcard?

  Chronos the 2nd 25 May 13

+1 for lotvic's advice, even with Windows 7 it is always best to install the drivers from the disk that came with the motherboard. Either that download them from the mobo manufacturers website.

+1 +1 for lotvic's and Chronos's advice. A reformat/reinstall, followed by something not working, is 99% of the time caused by not having reinstalled the necessary driver(s).

  tommate123 25 May 13

installed all the drivers again but it wont install "SoundMax ADI Audio Driver" keeps failing

  lotvic 25 May 13

Just checking, confirm you are using the SoundMAX AD1988B Audio Driver V6.10.01.6280 for Windows Vista/64bit Vista from (make sure you change the OS in box to Vista 64bit)

  lotvic 25 May 13

I wonder if it is a permissions thing? Are you installing as Administrator?

  wee eddie 25 May 13

tommate123: you are blessed - At least you don't have to listen to the Dell Advert

  tommate123 28 May 13

Yes i am,

i try and install and it says : The audio driver files do not support your computer hardware


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