Need Help pleaaase!

  krazi kid 19:33 16 May 05

i know this is a pc problems site but i really really need help because im stressing now, i need to know the rough price of a hamster and a hamster cage, forum editor please do not ban me as this will be helping me with a problem also even if its not to do with the reason for this website.

sorry for abusing the site but its stressing me out. and i beleive is for a good need, (for me anyway) thanks forum editor.

  octal 19:56 16 May 05

Do you have a Wyevale Garden Centre near you? click here There's plenty of Hamsters, Rats, Rabbits and mice around this time of year, my daughter bought a rat from there last week. They will give you the cost of the animal and cage.

  krazi kid 20:12 16 May 05

ive looked through there but im ot sure where to look, would it be possible for you to give me a rough price?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:22 16 May 05

If you can use the internet but cannot phone a pet store, you are having a laugh....bye.


  VoG II 20:30 16 May 05
  gabriella 20:55 16 May 05

Maybe you're having a laugh, maybe not.....


Hamster approx £5
Cage (fairly basic) £20-£25
Toys for cage £15-£20 approx
Food, bedding, water feeder £10 approx

Hamsters come in different sorts - Syrians are best and most friendly. If handled every day they will become very tame and friendly.

Good luck

Gabriella x

  p;3 21:46 16 May 05

the thread title says "Need help"; is there a computer problem , and if so could you please be more specific so we can help you to sort it:)

  stalion 22:19 16 May 05

freddy star may be able to help

  rods 22:37 16 May 05


  gabriella 22:54 16 May 05

Perhaps Krazi Kid would like to respond to my information re: hamsters if that is his genuine question.

I have looked after these lovely animals and do know a bit about the cost of them plus equipment.

I do take the point that a net search/quick t/c or even a visit to a pet supplier would have provided the answers he/she seeks but perhaps we give the benefit of the doubt to the questioner??

Gabriella x

  citadel 22:58 16 May 05

Gabriella you are lovely

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