need help for a new processor heat sink

  pctweaker 10 Jul 11

hey i'm new to this forum but so im not completely sure if this is the right one to ask on but anyway im big on upgrading my pc tweaking and overclocking (not an expert just enjoy working with that kind of area) and been wanting to buy a new cooler for my processor. I have had a look but really before i get anything would like too see if anyone has any ideas on what one too get fan or water but prefer to stay with fan.

  rdave13 10 Jul 11

I'd use a search engine first to see how much you can safely overclock your CPU and the best method of cooling. Gather info and then I'd register with overclockers UK forum.

  pctweaker 10 Jul 11

a lot of people have safely overclocked it to 4.2 on air cooling and tested on prime 95 for 24 hours no problems but im not wanting to push it too that extent ill just be happy with 4.0ghz and something to keep the temps down that extra bit

  D@ve 10 Jul 11
  rdave13 10 Jul 11

D@ve, forum changes again I'm afraid. Just copy and paste then the link will be active in your post. Don't use the hyperlink icon.

  D@ve 10 Jul 11

I read the post that said links would be automatically converted, but I assumed that was in addition to the current system.

I hope it's just a temporary bug, otherwise it is a big step backwards!

  D@ve 10 Jul 11
  gengiscant 10 Jul 11
  pctweaker 10 Jul 11

this may sound like a stupid question but do you have to apply a thermal compound to the base of the cooler?

  gengiscant 11 Jul 11

It depends on the cooler,some come with a thermal pad, so no you do not.With the ones that come with nothing then yes you do.

Some reading on the purpose of thermal paste:

  carver 11 Jul 11

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