Need help finding my BIOS version and 'flashing' so i can replace my 'mobo'

  JohnnyOfRiften 16:42 25 Dec 12

New motherboard arrived a couple of days ago but, being a little bit of a newb i didn't realise it's not the easiest thing to change :( . I don't need a guide to 'flash' my BIOS- there are plenty around already- but i would love some help finding a piece of software to help me agtually get the right BIOS onto my USB flash drive.

the pc is Compaq SG3-130UK

the current motherboard is made by foxconn with an AMI BIOS aparently version 6.01 04/23/10 of some sort.

the new motherboard is : Asus M5A78LM/USB 3

  Chronos the 2nd 17:12 25 Dec 12

changing the mobo for the first time might seem daunting but it really isn't particularly with Asus.

If the board has just arrived why do you feel the need to flash the bios?

SIW Will tell you your BIOS and Asus is where you will get the download.

If you really must flash the BIOS your mobo comes with a simple utility to do it. You will not need a USB flash drive.

  JohnnyOfRiften 17:27 25 Dec 12

i have tried but the old motheboard is using a different bios. when i put the new one in windows is unable to start, presumable because the hard drive boots but doesn't run properly due to the different bios. as far as i knnow if i can get the old bios onto a flash drive and boot from it that should help the hard drive run properly. However as yet i haven't found anyupdate software or otherwise to help me with this.

  Ian in Northampton 17:56 25 Dec 12

Surely, with a new motherboard/Bios, you need to reinstall Windows?

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