Need help creating a 5 class networks

  manper726 02:28 20 Oct 13

Initial Network Environment:

4 Class C networks (192.168.n.0)

4 departments

Each network will, near term, have no more than 30 hosts

Assume the four networks will initially have 4, 8, 10, and 5 workstations respectively

Assume each network (department) also has its own networked printer

1 Class B backbone (172.16.n.0) (fast Ethernet)

All PCs will need to communicate with each other

Only PCs in its own network can print to their printer (Optional Challenge)

Design to be upgradeable:

Number of Networks may increase to 30 maximum

4 of the future networks may grow to about 400-450 hosts - but never more than 500

Remaining networks will never expand beyond 50 hosts per network

  Secret-Squirrel 11:20 20 Oct 13

With respect Manper, getting other people to do your coursework may help you pass your academic exams, but if you don't know your stuff then you're likely to struggle with the entrance exam for the IT job you're hoping for.

  alanrwood 13:31 20 Oct 13

Agreed with you SS. There seems to be trend with new people joining a forum to ask questions of a highly technical design issue in order to submit answers to educational programs. The last one wanted an answer as to how to design a Wi-Fi system for a whole town.

I would not be so bad if they were previously contributors to the forum but they are just joining and posting these highly tech questions.

  alanrwood 13:33 20 Oct 13

It would probably be acceptable if they actually posted their own answers and asked for comments on it. That would be simply using internet resources to improve your answer and would be the same in any real life situation.

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