Need help with cds

  Nemo_t 11:07 10 Mar 08

Hi All

I have lots of cds that im transferring to new cds, Any idea how to transfer them over?

Im usung Philips CD-R s at the moment are these the right discs to use?

Any ideas of which software to use ?

Thanks in advance im having a girly blonde moment today lol

  howard64 11:20 10 Mar 08

you could just use copy cd in your cd writer menu. Or are you going to compile your own cd from your collection? If so you will need to record the tracks you want onto your pc and then write them to cd. I use audio cleaning labs prog to do this it is very easy to use and can be bought for about £10. A free prog is audacity or you could use windows media player.

  MAJ 11:22 10 Mar 08

Do you have two CD players in the PC, one of which is a rewriter? If so, use the "Copy disk-on the fly" option. If you have only the CD rewriter installed, then copy the contents of each disk to a folder on your hard drive, then burn them to your new CD-R. Yes Philips CD-R s will do the trick.

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