Need help buying a new laptop

  DaShyFrEaK 10:25 AM 21 Aug 11

My budget is around 800 pounds. I need a laptop good for gaming but not necessarily a gaming laptop. I have been looking around on the internet a lot and I am not able to find a one that satisfies me. Help would be appreciated. Thank you.

  northumbria61 23:36 PM 21 Aug 11

You could consider these -

Intel Core i5 - link text

Intel Core i7 - link text

  DaShyFrEaK 11:33 AM 22 Aug 11

The i5 one, is a good option. But I was hoping a laptop from Acer. But it isn't bad. Thank you. The alienware, well it exceeds my budget!

  DaShyFrEaK 14:20 PM 22 Aug 11

I found this laptop at amazon, though its above my budget, can anyone tell me if its the current model?

  northumbria61 13:11 PM 23 Aug 11

There are plenty of i5 and i7 from Acer to choose from here link text

  northumbria61 13:14 PM 23 Aug 11

The alienware, well it exceeds my budget!

I can't advise as to whether the Sony is the current model - but if the Alienware exceeds your budget, why are you looking at Sony which is £894?


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