Need help buying a new laptop

  DaShyFrEaK 21 Aug 11

My budget is around 800 pounds. I need a laptop good for gaming but not necessarily a gaming laptop. I have been looking around on the internet a lot and I am not able to find a one that satisfies me. Help would be appreciated. Thank you.

  northumbria61 21 Aug 11

You could consider these -

Intel Core i5 - link text

Intel Core i7 - link text

  DaShyFrEaK 22 Aug 11

The i5 one, is a good option. But I was hoping a laptop from Acer. But it isn't bad. Thank you. The alienware, well it exceeds my budget!

  DaShyFrEaK 22 Aug 11

I found this laptop at amazon, though its above my budget, can anyone tell me if its the current model?

  northumbria61 23 Aug 11

There are plenty of i5 and i7 from Acer to choose from here link text

  northumbria61 23 Aug 11

The alienware, well it exceeds my budget!

I can't advise as to whether the Sony is the current model - but if the Alienware exceeds your budget, why are you looking at Sony which is £894?


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