need help!

  hira_08 07:10 09 Mar 14

Hi! I found this website very helpful. I just want to know which company is the best for buying computers? HP, SONY, DELL etc in terms of best specifications? kindly tell me that model as well.

  john bunyan 08:22 09 Mar 14

Are you looking for a Desktop, or laptop? Are you a gamer? You must be a bit more specific as to your needs, remembering to leave a bit for a back up HD. What is your budget?

  hira_08 10:45 09 Mar 14

I am looking for a desktop. i really don't know about my exact needs. my specifications is in terms of speed cost and performance. and also i don't need it for games. Should i go for Dell? Is it good in performance?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:01 09 Mar 14

I tend to shy away from the larger manufacturers selling through intermediaries and buy direct from someone with a good reputation such as Chillblast

As stated above now we know what you want to use it for we need to know your budget.

  hira_08 11:04 09 Mar 14

60-70000 rupees is my budget

  bumpkin 11:21 09 Mar 14

About £400 in real money.

  hira_08 11:39 09 Mar 14

yup exactly :)

  hira_08 11:44 09 Mar 14

guys..just let me know any suggestions i would prefer upon. here is the website i was searching for click here kindly help me the best computer i should prefer..

  bumpkin 12:11 09 Mar 14


  hira_08 12:18 09 Mar 14

it's PKR

  bumpkin 21:04 09 Mar 14

If you do not need a monitor there are loads of good desktops within your budget, have a look on Amazon or Ebay to see what is available. If you need a monitor then about £100 extra.

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