Need a header only on first page of word doc. Word 2007 Windows 7

  bpzoom 10 Jul 11

Using advice on a 2008 forum posting I tried to stop a header on page 2 and subsequent pages as follows:- Scroll to the bottom of P1, Page Layout>Breaks>Section Breaks> Next Page. When I go down to the next section by scrolling down, and then delete the unwanted header on page 2, it removes the header from page 1 as well. I am missing something here. I can't see a way to go to the next section other than by scrolling down to it. Any change to the header on section 2 is replicated in section 1 i.e. page 1. Advice would be appreciated.

  AroundAgain 10 Jul 11

My understanding of headers/footers is that they appear on every page. If you only want a 'header' on the first page, I would just type it straight into the document as I want it and not use Headers/Footers

  wiz-king 10 Jul 11

View / headers and footers / and look for 'first page only' Not quite sure as I have got rid of Office and only use OpenOffice now.

  Crosstrainer2 10 Jul 11
  BRYNIT 10 Jul 11

If you just want the Header on the first page.

Open the header on the first page and delete all text.

On the disigner tab/options put a tick against Different first page. Everything typed into this header will not show on any other page.

  Taff™ 10 Jul 11

Are you doing a letterhead or similar by chance? If so I find it easier to follow Brynit on this one and on the design tab tick different first page. Then close the header and footer and insert a page break so you have two pages. (Delete the page break later)

Now open the header / footer again and go to the header or footer on the second page and insert your second, (and subsequent) headers and footers - "Continued ..." for example and in the footer perhaps "Page x of y".

Close Header Footer and delete the page breaks and save the document.

  bpzoom 10 Jul 11

Yes, it is a letterhead. Thank you all for your very helpful replies. I have produced a 3 page document with a header only on page 1. Why this should be so messy to do I cannot imagine. Thanks again.

  Taff™ 10 Jul 11

Thought it might be. It's always been a pain since Office 1997! Glad you`re now sorted - a tick for resolved maybe?


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