Need to have different versions of Excel spreadsheets

  geek84 15:31 PM 13 Aug 11

Hi Folks

At present, I have got Excel 2010 on my computer. However, I need to have excel 2007 to do other work.

Is it possible to have 2 versions of excel on my computer at the same time. Would that cause any interference between the two?

Finally, if it is ok to have the 2 versions at the same time, can you recommend any websites where I can download a free version of excel 2007?

Thanks in advance for your response.

  john bunyan 17:01 PM 13 Aug 11

I have a free version of Lotus Symphony, the spreadsheet section of which allows you to save in Excel 2007 format. May not be ideal but I find it more user friendly than the Excel 2007 I also have.(Google Lotus Symphony)

  wiz-king 17:08 PM 13 Aug 11

You can run 2007 workbooks in 2010 and if you need to send it as 2007 the 'save as' instead. If your friends have 2007 they can download a converter from Microsoft here

  varindia 13:11 PM 26 Sep 11

I don't think its wiser to keep two version of excel when you can accomplish everything in 2007. Instead of that if you want, you can install the other in different location(may in different drive).


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