Need to extend the range of my wifi by 100 meters +

  aaapchelj 20 Jan 12

I have a home office in a barn about 100 meters from my home. The signal from my BThomehub obviously does not reach. I am looking to get a range extender but have no idea which one would be best or if there is a better option. I am looking to use it mainly for emails and interweb. Any ideas welcome.

  onthelimit1 20 Jan 12

If the barn is on the same ring-main, homeplugs are probably the easiest option. Not actually available from this particular link, but you will see what is involved.

  aaapchelj 20 Jan 12

Thanks I've got homeplugs elsewhere - but the barn is on a different ring main

  KRONOS the First 20 Jan 12

Some suggestions here.Extend Wi-Fi range.

  Woolwell 20 Jan 12

100m is a long way. Perhaps you should consider a cable run Outdoor cable

  aaapchelj 20 Jan 12

Thanks all. Seems I was a little hasty redarding the barn being on a different ring main. Based on onthelimit1 comments I took one of my homeplugs over there, plugged it in and hey presto! Many thanks all.

  bremner 20 Jan 12

Homeplugs do not have to be on the same ring main. They have to be from the same meter although in practice if you have them on rings protected by different makes of MCB or not protected by the same RCD they may struggle.


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