Need to do a Windows Repair

  Ancient Learner 14:38 27 Jul 07

But I don't have a proper Windows CD from Acer.
They suggest a reinstall - a nightmare!
My Laptop has XP Home on it, and is an Acer machine.

I have a Windows CD from Mesh, but I doubt that that will work, and I have a XP pro upgrade CD which is a full retail version, but that doesn't seem appropriate either.

So it seems that I should ge myself a new Windows Home CD. But which one?

A full retail version is about £162, an upgrade is about £87 and and OEM version about £50. Would the upgrade version do the job?

Any advice please?

  Diemmess 14:50 27 Jul 07

From what you say the OEM version is your best compromise.
eBay usually have this around £70 including post, but choose sealed packs.

  Pamy 15:01 27 Jul 07

Why do you nead to do a repair? Perhaps we can help if you explain your problem(s)

  alan2273 15:06 27 Jul 07

The reason you do not have a proper Windows CD is that they give you a restore CD that restores your laptop from a hidden partition back to the factory set conditions when you first brought it.
I agree with Diemmess on buying the OEM version nut that is then tied to one machine.
If the restore CD will set it back to how it was when you first purchased it what is the point in buying another one.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:06 27 Jul 07

You can use anyones' XP Home CD to do a repair install but you must use your key to register it. Try and borrow a CD.


  Ancient Learner 15:24 27 Jul 07

I've asked around, but no one here can improve on my Mesh CD.

Pamy. Please see click here

alan2273. Yes I know that it would do that, hence why I want to do a repair, which is not the same as a Reinstall. Or perhaps I have misunderstood you.

GANDALF <|:-)> When you say but you must use your key to register it, you mean, I assume, the key on the Laptop, not the one on the CD I'm using?

I've ordered an OEM copy from EBuyer now.

  Pamy 15:30 27 Jul 07

Your link just went to this same thread

  alan2273 15:32 27 Jul 07

No Ancient Learner, you did not misunderstand my post, I misunderstood what you were trying to do.

There is an excellent guide to doing a repair so it leaves your files and folders intact.

click here

  Ancient Learner 16:00 27 Jul 07

Pamy. Is this any better? click here

alan2273 Many Thanks.

  Ancient Learner 16:02 27 Jul 07

Pamy. Not having much success her. Sorry. Try this
click here

  Pamy 16:03 27 Jul 07

Ancient Learner, sorry no. you just keep linking to this thread , you have not said what your problem(s) are that require a repair.

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