Need a different browser ?

  skidzy 15:04 15 Jun 07

For those who wish to try out a new browser:

Now for XP and Vista.

Safari 3.01 In Beta click here

Ive currently been playing around with this,remember still in Beta and does have a few issues apparently.

Though i have not experienced any problems yet on Vista.

It is quick,very quick.

Still trying to get to grips with some of the settings that can be configured.So if you like something different to play with..Safari maybe the browser for you.

Remember its in BETA,so will have a few bugs and possibly a few security issues.

  Mytob 15:56 15 Jun 07

Lots of bug and securiy issuses atm with it. To be fair to them they have released a update to it today but im not going to be touching it. Also has reportdly been messing up Mac's that it has been installed on when the user does a forced quit because it has aperd to crash. Stick with firefox for the mean time. Resonble secure and very flexable.

  €dstowe 15:59 15 Jun 07

I tried it - total rubbish and it didn't do anything, not least didn't connect to any websites.

Giving it a very wide berth until a working version is issued.

I expected better from Steve Jobs.

  yaesu 16:00 15 Jun 07

Works but "clunky" I'll wait a while yet! Yaesu

  2neat 17:38 15 Jun 07

I just can't get excited by loads of different browsers. IE 7 works fine & is very fast on BB!
I read that there was quite a few security issues with Safari & bugs. Why bother?

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