Need to control internet access on wireless router

  olaolaniyi 10:09 16 Jan 10

Hello All,

Is there any device or software out there that I can use to control access to internet use on my Netgear Wireless Router?

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank You

  Forum Editor 10:33 16 Jan 10

via the router's internal security settings - just set a security key, and only provide it to authorised users.

  olaolaniyi 10:42 16 Jan 10

Thanks for the quick responce, I didnt explain well enough.

I already have a web key setup, but I want further control per device so I dont go around the house telling the kids to logoff so I will like something that I can use to manage internet access prefarably per MAC ID.

So, say 12 midnight, I want 2 laptops to stop accessing the internet and resume 8am the next morning but others could work all night if need be.

Hope the above is not to complex?


  ame 23:30 16 Jan 10

If you can find the hardware I'll buy it. I have my own pc on wired ethernet cable and my kids on wired and/or wireless. You can usually disable the wireless thro' the router admin setup and you can just pull out ethernet cables from the back of the router,leaving your own connected. Nothing timed, though. Never heard of such software - contact the Dragon's Den?!!

  Forum Editor 01:00 17 Jan 10

tell the children to go off line at a certain time?

  mgmcc 09:06 17 Jan 10

>>> If you can find the hardware I'll buy it

My D-Link Router has the facility to specify the days/times that particular LAN IP addresses have access to the internet. However, I have Cable broadband so this is a "Cable/DSL Wireless Router". D-Link's ADSL Modem/Routers may provide the same option.

  mgmcc 09:17 17 Jan 10

Just checked my Netgear (Cable/DSL) Router and it too can block access on selected ports to specified IP addresses per a day/time schedule.

  MAJ 10:07 17 Jan 10

My trusty Linksys has the same options, I suspect most routers do if you search the configuration settings.

  ame 00:48 19 Jan 10

My D-Link ADSL Modem/Router only allows me to control when all machines can/cannot access the internet, not individual control. Damn and blast it - I thought they were all like that! Mind you, setting this up and changing the settings for different weekdays/weekends/holidays/etc might be a pain compared to my simple solution.

P.S. Forum Editor : Ha-Ha, you obviously don't have teenage children!! :)

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