need advice on routers! please.

  agent 47 18:11 06 Jan 06

hi, can any 1 tell me what the difference between a network router costing £25, and a dearer one costing £70-£100.
i just want to buy a router because me and my two sons all play a game on the net called "anarchy online" and everytime theres an update for the game, my two sons cant log on because the connection is shared, through my pc by network cards in all pc,s and cables.
so i went to my local pc shop, and they told me to get a good router! they sell them for £70, but ive seen some on ebay for £25!
any advice please. thanks.

  Forum Editor 18:33 06 Jan 06

and you'll be sure you're getting a decent piece of hardware.

Buy the £25 one on Ebay and you might also get a decent piece of hardware......but there's an element of risk involved, and if you end up with a bad deal there's not much you can do about it.

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