Need advice: looking for new desk top

  katrina.oconnor.568 10:24 18 Jul 08

I'm in the market for a new desk top... first DT I've bought for 5 years and first computer I've bought for over 2 years so I'm a bit out of the loop when it comes to new technology.

Ideally I'd like a DT capable of running Vista without problems, that can run 1-year-old strategy/sim games (like Casear IV... I know I've been out of the comp world a long time!) and that I can surf the net on.

Flat screen monitor at least 19in is a must (I use a 21in screen at work which is perfect - size wise)

HDD size is not too important, I prefer to keep things out of the guts and in externals (currently all my photos are on a Lacie).

I'm more familiar with "main stream" brands (HP, Dell etc) are the smaller brands better/mor reliable?

I've just had my second laptop completely die on me, so I'm heading back to DTs. but I'm still feeling a bit burnt by technology atm.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations you can give me :)

  ronalddonald 14:00 18 Jul 08
  iqs 14:37 18 Jul 08

with ronalddonald'S first link,look at NOVATECH

  Pine Man 15:41 18 Jul 08
  katrina.oconnor.568 14:30 22 Jul 08

Thanks so much.

I'm very interested in the Novatech pooters, and will be calling them for some recommendations.

Kind regards

  isca2 16:49 22 Jul 08

I would go along re Cougar. Worth having a chat with them.

  Horik 00:12 23 Jul 08

I had a desktop pc from them a while ago. Excellent specs at a great price, great build quality and running perfectly - more than happy with it.

  katrina.oconnor.568 09:16 23 Jul 08

Unfortunately Cougar only deliver to mainland UK. I'm living in France (at the moment).

Thanks for all your recommendations


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