Need 2 PCs but no space for 2 monitors?

  pj123 13:39 18 Oct 05

Have someone asking "Is there a unit available (switcher?) that 2 PCs can use 1 monitor."

He needs a second PC to use for his business but does not have room for another monitor. Is there a switch box or similar that can switch from one PC to the other.

I would do a google search if I knew what sort of keywords to use.


  Taff36 13:44 18 Oct 05

Yes there is and I saw one in PC World yesterday - Belkin at about £35. I`ll have a look for you - give me 5 minutes!

  Taff36 13:49 18 Oct 05

They`re called KVM Switches. Put KVM into PC Worlds Keyword search and there`s a range of them. One example click here If it`s available collect from store locally you can save some money.

  Taff36 13:58 18 Oct 05

This one I found from one of my suppliers (Recommended) click here#

Have to admit I don`t know much about these switches but I fancy one myself for all those occasions I`m working on my own computer and one I`m trying to eradicate problems on.

  Chegs ® 14:10 18 Oct 05

They come in two types(KVM)one manual the other electronic.I have a manual KVM switch to allow my own PC operation plus upto 4 others thru my switch(repairs,etc)The switches are cheap enough(as low as £20)but research the cables,as my switch plus cables came to over £80(I then found I could have bought the cables for as low as £2 each at a PC fair)

  interzone55 14:27 18 Oct 05

Take note, some of the cheaper KVMs are now only USB, so will not work with some older PCs.

Also, if you want sound from both PCs but only one set of speakers, then get a KVM with Sound,
like this one at Scan
click here

  byfordr 15:32 18 Oct 05
  Simsy 15:35 18 Oct 05

I think the abbrevaition KVM stands for;


Apologies if I'm wrong... but even if I am I think this might help folk remember waht to ask for?



  Taff36 16:12 18 Oct 05

Nice one. Don`t care if it`s wrong!

  Rayuk 17:16 18 Oct 05

Have you checked the monitor to see if you can attach 2 cables to it?you then just have to press switch on monitor to change from 1 pc to another.

  Philwane 17:59 18 Oct 05

I use this one The Linksys ProConnect Integrated KVM 2-Port Switch its very good never had any trouble and it comes complete. nothing else to buy and very simple to use when you want to change comp's just hit the scroll lock twice
you can get it click here

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