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NEC DVD burn speed

  willhay 17:42 09 Mar 04

I have just bought an nec DVD ND 2500A, I was backing up some data and noticed that it was supposed to be burning at 4x speed but in fact was only burning at 2.5x I am using Mirror DVD- discs, the DVD+ mirror discs I was using all burned at 4x speed. The writer supposed to burn at 8x speed but even with just link disabled I cannot force it to write at 8x speed any ideas why i cannot force it to write at 8x speed

  JerryJay 17:47 09 Mar 04

All depend on media you use. I have a Liteon 811S which burn Ricoh DVD+R at 8x even the disc is rated at 4x. I am not a fun of mirror discs, tried a few Mirror +RW -RW, all of them not useable on my 811S and anothe Lapton DVD writer.

  leo49 17:48 09 Mar 04

Have you got 8x discs?

  leo49 17:48 09 Mar 04

Only some 4x brands will burn at 8x.

  JerryJay 17:50 09 Mar 04

It seems that NEC2500 can write 8x of Verbatim 4x DVD-R.

  willhay 17:50 09 Mar 04

Dont have any 8x speed discs but usually with cd's you can force them to burn at whatever spped the drive is rated at with just link disabled, Is this not the case with dvd's

  JerryJay 17:55 09 Mar 04

There is no such thing as 8x disc, you cannot find in anywhere, but some 4x discs can be brunt at 8x.

  leo49 18:02 09 Mar 04

Beg to differ but 8x discs went on sale in February - there just very hard to track down at the moment.

click here

  tafoody 18:07 09 Mar 04

bigpockets.co.uk have 8x discs by several manufacturers, click here

  willhay 18:07 09 Mar 04

so does anyone have the above drive and can recommend a make of disc that can be pushed to 8x speed, I cannot select 8x (it doesn't even show) in Nero even with no disc in

  JerryJay 18:15 09 Mar 04

8x disc do exist, my mistake.

According to click here NEC2500 can write 8x on Verbatim 4x DVD-R.

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