Neatgear Hub DS524 power adaptor?

  Pikachu 15:03 11 May 03

I bought a Netgear DS524 hub off ebay but has not come with a power supply. Does anyone know of a place of where I can obtain an AC adaptor for it,

Many Many thanks for all responses

  Pikachu 10:55 12 May 03


  soy 11:03 12 May 03

HI, what about getting one of those Universal mains adapters. Something like this: click here

  Pikachu 12:10 12 May 03

Will this work? As i was told Netgear was a bit fussy about which power supply to use.


  soy 22:43 12 May 03

I'm pretty sure it would. IF you set the universal adapter to the correct Voltage the hub needs then It should.

  Pikachu 10:18 13 May 03

Thats great - Thanks

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